Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody:

Legal Strategies and Policy Issues

Editors: Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D. and Barry Goldstein, J.D



Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody presents insights and hands-on practice guidance from the leading experts on child custody cases that involve intimate partner violence and child abuse. Chapter authors address the prevalence of these problems, the complex reasons why protective mothers lose custody of their children, the things court agents and other professionals often do that contribute to bad outcomes, and the corrective measures that must be put into place to ensure legal protections for abused women and their children.

Full disclosure: Executive Producer of No Way Out But One, Garland Waller, is a contributing author. Her chapter, “The Yuck Factor, The Oprah Factor, and The Stickiness Factor: Why the Mainstream Media Has Failed to Expose the Custody Court Scandal,” examines the failure of the mainstream media to adequately address the issues.

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